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March 8, 2017, my company in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center participated in the 25th China advertising logo signs equipment exhibition, the atmosphere is hot. I show products to attract a large number of customers intent...



What is sanitary ware grade acrylic board

All acrylic panels are MMA single, MMA chemical name is methyl methacrylate. The MMA monomer is a transparent liquid that looks like water. The process is converted into a solid material, called a polymer, which needs to be added and heated...



How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic

In a sign advertising market change rapidly acrylic sheet status is very influential. Acrylic billboards with novel appearance, design diversity, compelling features, so that the customers capital investment will receive the desired return,...



Acrylic plate mainly used in what aspects

Acrylic board research and development and use, dating back more than and 100 years of history. 1880 methacrylate polymerization known; synthesis of poly ester propionic acid in 1901; in 1927 the use of synthetic method of methyl methacryla...



Zhejiang Oulaige Decoration Mstarials Technology Co.,Ltd web

Zhejiang Oulaige Decoration Mstarials Technology Co.,Ltd website officially opened!...


Zhejiang Oulaige Decoration Materials Technology Co.Ltd. is set research and development, production and sales of the Trinity of the acrylic manufacturers. The company is located in the scenic Huzhou Donglin town. Covers an area of 40,000 square meters, Have imported automated assembly line 6. Companies specializing in the production of acrylic (PMMA) cast sheet, Using internationally renowned MMA raw materials.

The company is strong in technology, Product quality and stability. The detection of the technical indicators have reached or exceeded international standards. Company products are widely used in various advertising light boxes, signs, signs, exhibition planes, cabinets, bathroom and so on. Company uphold the "customer and market demand-oriented" and "win-win as the core" of the marketing idea, The implementation of manufacturers, distributors and users of the "symbiotic, win-win, a total of maintenance" strategy, and jointly cultivate an orderly market, the maximum maintenance of the vast number of customers and users of the market interests, Jointly cultivate an orderly market, to maximize the maintenance of our customers and users of the market interests.

In the fierce market competition, we will continue to work hard to innovate the development of high-quality new products to our quality products to customers.

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